Bingo Customer

Getting to Know the Bingo Customer

Bingo is one of the most exciting growth industries in the mobile space. So why are so many people logging on to play this age old game and what more could the operators to do to attract even more eyeballs onto their bingo offering?

At the recent Online Bingo Summit, at The Regents Park Marriot in London, experts ostensibly from the UK market talked nothing but balls, tombola’s and ‘legs eleven’ over an interesting and absorbing two days.
The key message throughout those two days of learning, and interaction, was the need to get to understand the customer.

The nutshell version is very simple. Stop creating bingo products in the hope that your customers will find value in them, and instead seek out the opinions of your customers and create a product to suit.
This means that marketing is key for the online bingo arms of the online casinos like Unibet (check out the latest sportsbetting odds here).

There is a large demographic of ‘stay-at-home’ mums who are potential customers for online bingo and specifically targeted television ads are a great way to pull customers into the online bingo world. Another link between potential players and the site is the use of social media. Learning how to interact with customers via Twitter and Facebook is a must.

An important marketing strategy seems to be interacting between land-based retail stores and their online cousins. Even organising day trips to land-based bingo halls has been successful, as online players get to meet their online moderators, face-to-face, on a fun day out.

Lastly, treating the VIP as they should be treated was also important. Arranging home visits so online casinos can understand just how their players live their lives is another great way of finding information needed to create a great product.