Black Marketing

Black marketing is harmful for online gambling

The attractiveness of the online gambling industry has breached normal levels. With the revenue figures coming in billions, many online casinos and gambling operators are trying to take advantage of the situation. This has resulted in several illegal websites surfacing on the internet offering casinos games and betting services to the players. The business done by these illegal gambling websites is what is called as black marketing.

These black market gambling sites are harmful to the health of governments as well as players and add negativity to the online gambling industry as a whole. These illegal websites promote money laundering, as they do not form a part of the regulated industrial framework and are not recognized by the state. They carry on the business in hidden or invisible form and so, are not accountable to anyone for their business or profits. This means that money goes out of the economy of the region and become untraceable.

These sites do not pay any taxes to the government, as they are not regulated and so, there is a monetary loss to the country. And this is not all these illegally operating gambling sites are dangerous for the players also. This is because the sites do not come under the jurisdiction of your state or country and so, even if they cheat or run away with your money, you can’t do anything.

This being clear, it is also important to note that if your country does not allow online gambling, you may not have any other option. But, it is better to gamble online only when the laws of your region allow that. In case of uncertainty, like in United States, you should make sure that the casino you are playing with is registered with a gambling authority and has a good reputation in providing online gambling services.